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FENSTANTON - in 1862

FENSTANTON is a parish and village, situated in the road from Huntingdon to Cambridge, about 1 mile south-east of St. Ives. It is in the hundred of Toseland, and contained, by the last census, 1,070 inhabitants. The church, an interesting, architectural, and handsome structure, is dedicated to St. Peter, the east window being magnificent, both as to size and design, its width being 17 feet. The tower is open to the nave and aisles. The exterior of this church has lately been repaired.


The living is a discharged vicarage, in the incumbency of the Rev. Stanley Walton, M.A. Trinity College, Cambridge, has the gift of presentation. The Rev. Edward Bassett is curate. The tithes were commuted in 1802; rectorial, about 135 acres ; vicarial, about 83 acres.


There is a Calvinist chapel, also a Union Meeting-house, lately erected. There are two schools, National and British; the former is a handsome appropriate building, with residence for the master. The charities, which are not very considerable, are partly applied to the support of the school, repairs of the church, and distribution amongst the poor. The parish comprises 2,405 acres.


The Rev. L. R. Brown is lord of the manor.

POST-OFFICES.Robert Allpress, postmaster. Letters arrive by foot post from St. Ives at 8 A.M. ; are dispatched at half-past 6 P.M.



Coote, Thomas, Esq.
Cowling, Miss Mary
Emery, George, Esq.
Ford, James, innkeeper
Walton, Rev. Mr.
Watson, Heylock, Esq.



Aldous, George, shopkeeper
Aldous, James, carpenter
Allpress, George, farmer
Allpress, Robert, butcher, and post-office
Blench, Thomas, beer retailer
Bloom, William, White Horse commercial inn, and market house
Britten, George, beer retailer
Bunting, George, builder, &c, and poor rate collector
Cannon, Francis, beer retailer
Cannon, Phillis, beer retailer
Cattle, William, blacksmith
Chandler, Thomas, farmer
Childs, Thomas, grocer, &c.
Coote, John, farmer
Crane, Thomas, baker
Criswell, Thomas, farmer and cattle dealer
Earl, Robert, farmer
Ford, William, Woolpack inn
Gadsby, John, beer retailer
Giddens, Alfred, farmer
Hall, William, Queen's Head
Hall, William, shoemaker
Hardy, Robert, miller
Haskins, Joseph, tailor
Hitch, Wortham, wheelwright
Hodson, William, brewer and cooper
Howard, William, Crown and Pipe
Hunt, Charles, George
Inskip, George, farmer
Kidman, George, miller
Kirby, Philip, hay dealer
Lambert, Joseph, farmer and maltster
Launder, John, blacksmith
Marsh, Mrs., harness maker
Metcalf, John, parish clerk
Millard, William, shoemaker
Milton, Joseph, flour dealer
Oakett, Joseph, shoemaker
Odams, Robert, brewer and maltster
Head, Josh., victualler
Rose, John, shoemaker
Saint, John, shoemaker
Smith, James, builder, &c.
Sparrow, John, baker
Underwood, Robert, tailor
Wilson, William, farmer
Witherow, Charles, grocer
Witherow, Joseph, Chequers'
Wright, James, relieving overseer


Transcription copyright Nigel Penton Tilbury 2000


Extracted from Cassey's Directory of Huntingdonshire 1862 

available from




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