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There is often confusion as to which properties or areas are the direct responsibility of Fenstanton Parish Council, and below is a listing of all assets belonging to the parish and directly managed by them.

Management, maintenance and repair of these is funded either from the Precept or from bequests generously made in the past by parishioners.

  • Clock Tower
  • Village Sign
  • Village Pond
  • Cemetery [not the Churchyard]
  • Clock Tower, Chequer Street, Chapel & Honey Hill Greens
  • Chequer Street Play Area & Car Park
  • Hampton Close Open Space
  • Headlands Play Area
  • Maytrees Open Space
  • Pitfield Close Open Space

For the avoidance of doubt, no other organisations within the parish have any relationship with the Parish Council. They are managed, operated and funded independently. These include;

  • Fenstanton Football Field, which is the privately-owned asset of Fenstanton Football Club who allow parishioners to use it for all leisure activities other than dog-walking, based on an annually renewable arrangement with the Parish Council.
  • Fenstanton Village Hall - a totally independent charity.
  • Literary Institute - also an independent charity.
  • All other charities operating within the parish.

The Parish Council is responsible for, and funds the regular cutting of grass surrounding its assets. It also undertakes to manage the grass cutting of areas of grass belonging to Cambridgeshire County Council, for which it receives funding additional to the Precept. Huntingdonshire District Council is responsible for other areas such as those in Walnut Tree Crescent and Chequers Close

Excluded from their responsibility are areas belonging to;

  • Anglian Water Authority
  • Cambridge Water
  • Electricity and Gas Carriers
  • Private Owners

The Parish Council is responsible for only those assets described above. All other hedges that border publicly accessed paths or areas are the sole responsibility of the adjacent Landowner. Whilst the Parish Clerk is able to request that an adjacent Landowner should tidy or cutback overhanging hedges or branches from public areas he/she has very limited powers, if any, to compel them to do so. It should be noted that in some circumstances due to land ownership being remote, the owners or operators of some areas remain unknown or difficult to locate.

The next Full Parish Council Meeting is on
Thursday 9th July 2020


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